Therapeutic massage in St. Cloud, MN, doesn't get any better than at Woodlands Chiropractic. Our massage therapist is trained in the latest massage techniques that bring our patients comfort, care, and relief. You don't have to wait for pain to enjoy the benefits of therapeutic massage.

Massage can be a powerful advocate in your daily healthcare. Health experts agree that stress can shorten our life spans, negatively impact our health, and cause us to show signs of aging faster. Professional, comprehensive, and thoughtful therapeutic massage can have profound positive impacts on the body including:

  • Reduced fatigue
  • Improved concentration
  • Increased circulation
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Increase in energy

Also, many patients report that after annual use, they feel a sense of clarity, peace, and perspective.


Our therapeutic massage team treats patients for many different reasons. We believe it is important that all of our patients become aware of the benefits of massage, even if it is not a part of your current health habits. Therapeutic massage has been found to:

  • Reduce need for prescription
  • Assist with shorter labor for mothers
  • Increase joint flexibility, reduce scarring, relax and restore tight muscles
  • Stimulates lymph flow-increases body' natural defense system
  • Promote tissue regeneration
  • Reduce cramps and spasms
  • Releases endorphins improves the condition of the skin
  • Exercises and develops weak muscles, and much more


There are many styles of massage comprised of a plethora of techniques like short strokes, long strokes, and percussive strokes. Here are some of the most popular massage styles.

Swedish Massage
This is the most common type of massage with soft, light, rhythmic tapping strokes, on the very tops of the muscle. There is also movement of the joints involved.

Deep Tissue Massage
This is the best style to treat painful trouble spots. Slow, deep, deliberate strokes massage focus on tendons and layers of muscle. This style is less rhythmic than most, but can effectively relieve pain from muscles.

Sports Massage
This type of massage was designed for athletes before, during, or after they participate in sports activities. Sports massage can be sued to prevent injury, increase flexibility, help heal after an injury, or relieve muscle strain.


Before we proceed with the massage, our staff will discuss your reasons for seeking therapeutic massage and the benefits that you would like to receive to grasp a better understanding of the types of techniques that would be appropriate for you.

Woodlands Chiropractic is a comprehensive health care clinic that that provides some of the most effective and scientifically sound physical therapy methods in St. Cloud, MN, and the surrounding Midwest. Our team is comprised of a diverse group of health care experts in the areas of physiotherapy and rehabilitative medicine. We provide multiple options for our patients such as chiropractic care, physical therapy, electro-dermal screenings, massage, and more. Your health is important-especially your ability to move without pain.

If you would like to experience the power of therapeutic massage, or simply improve your health through mobility contact us at: 320-240-0300 to schedule a consultation with one of our physical therapists.

Massage Prices and Packages

30 Minutes - $40
60 Minutes - $65

Bundle Visits;
Buy 10 30 Minute Sessions for $350 = $35/Visit*
Buy 10 60 Minute Sessions for $600 = $60/Visit*

*Bundle packages must be paid in full upon purchase. Refunds made of unused visits will be calculated by multiplying each single visit rate by visits used, subtracted from initial payment amount.