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Do you suffer from stiffness of the joints, painful back spasms, muscle spasms or tension? Are you recovering from a surgery or looking for a more holistic pain management strategy than strong prescription drug use?

Millions of Americans have found relief from intense pain through physical therapy. When you feel pain while moving, it hinders your ability to make a living, perform everyday tasks, and enjoy life as a whole. As a result, most people suffering from pain incited by movement experience a significant decline in movement, only doing so when necessary. Recent studies reveal that prolonged immobility is unhealthy, and walking for a little each day will reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack. Physical therapists are experts in mobility who are dedicated to helping their patients achieve pain free movement through exercise and various other treatments.

The physical therapists at Woodlands Chiropractic practice the most modern and holistic physical therapy in St. Cloud and surrounding Minnesota areas. Our physical therapists work tirelessly to help restore, increase, and maintain motion for our patients with the latest techniques in physical therapy and medicine.


Avoid Surgery and Prescription Drugs
Most people are referred to physical therapists as an attempt to rehabilitate after a traumatic injury or surgery, however recent studies suggest that physical therapy in some cases can be a safer, cheaper, and more effective alternative to surgery or prescription drugs for a wide variety of ailments like knee osteoarthritis, degenerative disk disease, meniscal tears, and general back pain. Through carefully crafted and individualized treatment plans, the physical therapists at Woodlands Chiropractic maintain patient confidence and successfully work with many patients to avoid or minimize surgery and prescription drug use.

Empowerment Through Participation
Our brand of physical therapy in St. Cloud and Waite Park, MN is anything but passive. Patients who seek physical therapy enjoy being active participants in their recovery. The ability to have some control over how fast or well they recover is empowering and strengthens the resolve to regain mobility. Perhaps this is why so many of our patients develop and maintain strong professional relationships with our staff. At Woodlands Chiropractic, we never treat patients like a number, and our physical therapists work hard to develop a partnership with their patients as it will take both patient and doctor to ensure a successful recovery.


Woodlands Chiropractic is a comprehensive health care clinic that that provides some of the most effective and scientifically sound physical therapy in St. Cloud and the surrounding Midwest. Our team is comprised of a diverse group of healthcare experts in the areas of physiotherapy and rehabilitative medicine. We provide multiple options for our patients such as chiropractic care, physical therapy, electro-dermal screenings, massage, and more. Your health is important-especially your ability to move without pain.

If you want to take control of your recovery, or simply improve your health through mobility contact us at: 320-240-0300 to schedule a consultation with one of our physical therapists.